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November 08, 2006



Did you see the article in the Washington Post (one of the MSM) that stated that Christians really don't want a theocracy. It was actually posted the same day as this post. I'm linking to it later tonight.


No, I haven't seen that. And they are right on the whole, I think; Christians don't want a "theocracy" but I can't think of a single Christian who wouldn't agree that the world would be better off following the Law of Christ than under it's own ideas.
When we all banded together behind the president to try to stand up for Terri Schiavo, when we push for pro-Life causes, that is standing up for the cause of Christ in the world--and that's not a theocracy.


No it's not, it's just standing up for our principles. Though the world probably sees it as pushing our weight around.

I think they are worried about the wrong religion. We may not want to live under a theocracy but the radical Muslims do.

We don't believe in forced conversions but they do.

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