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June 14, 2005


L. Sackrider

First of all. It is NOT a Boeing plane.
Built by the Douglas company. This company has been building heavy aircraft for some time. This isn't the first time Boeing has said they built something they didn't. Yet your right, the C-17 is a real plane and all that it does.




Hold up Homey!
I KNOW it was built by what used to be called McDonnell Douglas. I happen to know one of the engineers that worked for them on the C-17.
The FACT is, it is currently owned, built and delivered by THE BOEING company. Unless my eyes are deceiving me, it's guys with "Boeing" on their shirts that are putting the planes together in Longbeach, CA...


Awwww, the C-141...My plane back in the days I was in the airforce. Man I loved that plane and sure was sad to see it go. The C-17 may be a workhorse like the 141, but it's nowhere near as pretty!!!!! :)

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